Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and SEO for Car Dealers

Automotive SEO for Car Dealers

SEO for Motorcycle Dealers

Ok, so you've got a great dealer website (if you haven't, we can help you with this too - see our automotive website solutions) and you need to make sure you attract the right kind of visitors to your website - that is buyers!

There is no magic wand here - and the old 'Black Hat SEO' / 'spamdexing' strategies that are still used by many companies now cause your website harm and can actually result in your website pages being removed from Google altogether. Not good!

Get a high Page Rank in Google

At DealerWebs Automotive, we're passionate about our customers and as such, we're continually investing in our support team. Our ethos from the outset was to make sure all skills remain in-house, which means we can continue to support our customers without relying on external companies and services - as such, we have our own internal SEO team.

DealerWebs Automotive website solutions are inherently SEO friendly, giving strong initial optimisation and alignment in the major search engines - that is Google!

If you have a good understanding of website development, and indeed have the time, the DealerWebs Automotive website platform has huge flexibility, allowing you to create and add bespoke HTML (code) elements, targeted page titles and heading tags, all of which will make your site more visible to the search engines for your targeted content. SEO is inherent to the DealerWebs Automotive platform and can be continually built upon as your site grows.

If you'd rather focus on converting leads and are already struggling for time, the DealerWebs Automotive SEO team can work with you on your website - and on external sites and social media platforms to improve your page rank on the search engine result pages 'SERPS'.

SEO for Automotive and Car Dealers

SEO is a big part of your success online, and we can provide you with tailored packages that are right for your business needs. We can demonstrate many examples of where we've achieved #1 spot on Google for many of our customers required search terms. Results can sometimes be seen pretty quickly, but typically range anywhere from two weeks to a few months. The results of any targeted SEO campaign are typically evident by the end of the third month.

Get in touch now and let us show you how effective our SEO campaigns are!

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